I Will Forever Stay

Dedicated to all those children, who take their own life, because people made fun of them, to all those that could not survive, that sea of hatred and bullies, know as school.

I Will Forever Stay

What is this I see?

Many people,

Staring and looking,

Looking at me?

What should I do?

Should I ignore them?

Go along my way,

Not saying that I knew?

As I leave the room,

I know they look away,

But that feeling of their eyes,

Still loom.

Another room I must go,

Walking by,

Not letting,

My feelings show.

Finally I make it,

To my car,

And slowly to the curb,

I take it.

And then to my home,

Where I can sit,

And stay,

And be alone.

I take it all that night,

And then make it there,

I slowly turn off,

My bedroom light.

Then upon my bed I lay,

Knowing they won't stare and look no more,

For in my bed,

I will forever stay.

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