"Olympic Games"

According to Homer, Pelops, the god of fertility staged the most memorable games in antiquity, roughly in 1370 BC. Later on games were organized several times. They can be considered the prehistory of the Olympics.


The founder of modern Olympics of the 19th century was a Frenchman. Pierre de Fredy, Baron de Coubertin. In keeping with the romantic notion of the Olympic revival it was decided to hold the first Games in Athens, Greece in 1896. Only 12 countries were represented. Despite the many problems that arose in Athens the Olympic Games had come to stay.


Their motto was “Faster! Higher! Stronger!”


From that time on the Olympic were held more or less regularly, depending on the political situation in the continent.


In 1990 they were held in Paris, in 1904 – St. Louis, in 1906 – Athens again, in 1908 – London, in 1912 – Stockholm, in 1932 – Los Angeles, in 1936 – Berlin, in 1948 – London, in 1952 – Helsinki, in 1956 – Melbourne, in 1960 – Rome, in 1964 – Tokyo, in 1968 – Mexico, in 1972 – Sapporo, in 1976 – Innsbruck, in 1980 – in Moscow, in 1984 – in the USA, in 1988 – Seoul, in 1992 – in Alberwill, in 1994 – in Lillehammer, in 1996 - Atlanta, in 1998 - Nagano, in 2000 - Sydney, in 2002 – Salt Lake City , in 2004 - Athens , 2006 - Turin , in 2008 - Peking, in 2010 - Vancouver , in 2012 – London, in 2014 – Sochi.


The Olympic Games are held every two years now. They contribute much to the struggle for peace, understanding and trust among peoples.

Это кратко об Олимпийских играх.


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